Demetrios Salpoglou, CEO of Boston Pads, Honored at RISMedia’s 2019 Real Estate Newsmakers Reception & Dinner


RISMedia, publisher of Real Estate magazine, recently honored Demetrios Salpoglou, CEO, in its “Trailblazers” category of Real Estate Newsmakers, during an awards ceremony held on May 16 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., held during the National Association of REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo taking place that week.

RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmaker recognitions, now in its second year, are designed to honor those individuals who made headlines for their newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry and the communities and consumers they serve.

This year’s event hosted a select group of the nation’s leading real estate professionals during its annual Real Estate Newsmakers Reception & Dinner, an invitation-only event. Newsmakers were honored in the following categories: Influencers, Trailblazers, Futurists, Achievers, Crusaders, Inspirations, Luminaries and Trendsetters. Read their stories here.

RISMedia defines Trailblazers as “the agents of change” within the industry. From keeping pace with innovation, new technologies, data analytics, and more, RISMedia celebrates its Trailblazers for their contributions to improving industry and agent-client relationships.

Demetrios Salpoglou is CEO of Boston Pads, LLC and broker of record assisting 4 leading local real estate companies across 6 locations in Boston. He develops, deploys and develops advanced real estate technology and manages over 80 websites and 130 social media feeds that deliver the highest combined real estate web traffic in the Greater Boston area. Salpoglou provides leadership and training to over 165 brokers and agents across multiple offices and off premise locations. He has achieved and maintained the largest apartment leasing team in New England for over a decade, responsible for moving over 7,000 people and closing and managing over 2,000 transactions per year. His goal is to provide brokerages and agents with competitive advantages and greater operational efficiencies at all levels.

In the past year, Salpoglou’s team has deployed new software that matches roommates with rooms for rent and streamlines the entire leasing process. His goal is to reach complete real-time booking and on-demand showing of vacant units and to have the system scaled and optimized by the fourth quarter of 2019. This year Boston Pads has already completed a real-time vacancy rate and availability rate data feed, and he’s also developing a real time site widget that will show statistics on over 80 local websites, along with average rent prices and future availability rates. Information flow and system optimization is the cornerstone to their success in the Greater Boston Area. The data is also readily usable for landlords to set investment and rent pricing to assist with sales and refinance comparables and options.

Salpoglou has been a leader in the development of state of the art real estate technology and data systems. In the past 15 years, he has developed tools that facilitate the entire apartment renting process for agents, landlords and renters alike. These tools help improve efficiencies from end-to-end in the leasing process, from the initial listing and marketing of a vacancy by the agent, the pricing strategy for the landlord, and the apartment search tools for the renter. Landlords find his services invaluable because they are getting the best information with the most feedback on the progress of their investment property. Property owners are provided with the most data and options on both rental pricing and options as well as selling strategies.

Salpoglou’s software systems do not just provide marketing coverage for landlords. The vast amounts of data they have from over 161,000 Greater Boston apartments allow them to produce exceptional agent training, reporting and performance tools. He is a strategic advisor on rent pricing as a testament to his influence. He is also a motivational speaker, sales coach and an avid sport fisherman. Salpoglou attributes his success to: honesty, teamwork, accountability, grit, dedication, consistency and leading by example.

“We’ve seen so much change in the real estate industry over the past 15 years. Brokerages come and go at an alarming rate. One year you will see one company on top and the next year they are struggling. The only ones that are still hanging around from when this all started are the ones who pioneered industry changes, and the ones who constantly worked to improve themselves and their product. I’m up at 4am 350 days a year, take conference calls at 5am, and I’m the nearly always one of last ones to leave the office everyday. You can’t ask anyone to work hard for you unless you do it first. That’s my philosophy.”

According to RISMedia President and CEO John Featherston, “RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers event honors the industry’s real newsmakers—the people who are positively affecting our industry and the millions of consumers they serve. Over the past three-plus decades, RISMedia has covered, chronicled and celebrated the professionals making news in real estate, and we are thrilled to present our membership of RISMedia Real Estate Newsmakers with these honors.”

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